Der Künstler Michael Mutschler im Interview

Im Rahmen eines Kunstfeatures für eine britische Zeitung entstand dieses Interview. Wir teilen es gerne als Einblick in Michael Mutschlers Arbeit und Gedanken. Viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre!

Could you please introduce yourself and how you started in the arts? First experiences:

I was raised in an artists' household. At least art and art history played an extraordinarily important role in my education. Numerous excursions to museums and art places, but also the early approach to painting and sculpting still characterize me today.

How would you describe your art?

I am an expressionist at heart. I am a child of post-war Germany where we lived in a septic surrounding, at home, at school, in public: Any kind of affection, dedication, passion was suspicious. Expressionism and somehow surrealism have been the most important influences when I started at the art academy in Stuttgart late 1960s. The visual language of expressionism allowed me to express myself completely. The use of colours, strong, bold lines and compositional refinement were for me the logical development of the classical pictorial world, which I had to (or was allowed to) learn by heart during my childhood (or as I think today). Surrealistic elements, which correspond to my sometimes somewhat sarcastic nature, have taken the sharpness out of some pictures.  

Where you get inspiration from?

At the art fair Dresden, Michael at his booth.

My pictures implement spontaneous gestures, impulses. I have always tried to translate emotional moods into pictures. I collect motives by actively observing. My collection of figures is large, after all I am already over 70 years old - you can see quite a lot. The picture, the motif itself is born while painting. The figures are created from painting.

What emotions do you hope the viewer experience?

Viewers often stay longer in front of my paintings because they have several levels of meaning. That is definitely my goal - my paintings are not for quick enjoyment. If a viewer can recognize himself better through my paintings, get into thinking, get out of his everyday life, a lot is already gained.

When do you know your artwork is finished?

To be honest: Is a picture ever finished? There is a story about Edgar Degas, who was forbidden to go into museums because he wanted to paint over his pictures again and again. It's not unlike me. I usually force myself to stop. Because a perfect painting is dead. Especially with my paintings it is important that they are alive, somewhat unfinished, to give the viewer an anchor point. I often wait a night or two. When I want to rework a little bit, I know: now it's finished.

What has been the most exciting moment in art for you?

It is not a single moment, but rather a phase: That after my professional life as a teacher I found the strength to start over again. And now, especially since 2019, first through Instagram and now also at trade fairs and exhibitions, I find so many enthusiastic viewers. That is really great!

What exciting projects are you working on this moment?

I am preparing some fairs and exhibitions - in Europe. I am very much looking forward to this. From an artistic point of view, I am currently working on incorporating the beautiful, not the ugly, the happy, not the depressive, the cheerful, not the sad into my paintings. This is very difficult for me, but it is important. Even if we look at the world around us - making an effort to see the good, successful things is more important at the moment than ever before. But it is really very difficult for me, because art that emphasizes the positive very quickly becomes kitschy.

Do you have upcoming events?

I am on several events and exhibitions from Paris to Cologne in 2020.

Leipzig, Dezember 2019.
Michael Mutschler auf Leipziger Kunstmesse-2019-pressemitteilung
Michael Mutschler in aktueller Ausgabe von "Inside Artists"

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